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Weather Barometer

New Weather Barometer App

Free Weather Barometer app for Lumia 950 and 950XL users as it requires a barometer sensor, hopefully more phones in the future will have a barometer built in. This app shows you your Station Pressure and calculates your Mean Sea Level Pressure (what you see on a weather forecast), and allows you to 'set' the barometer so you can see what the pressure trend is so you can forecast your own weather. The app offers a suggested weather forecast as well based on pressure and pressure trend.

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  • 🌀ՏҽʍԹíԵҽɾղɑℓ🌑Níղյɑ🌀

    I've created a AppStretch for Band 2 Barometer support for those with a Band 2 but not a phone with a Barometer.
    The Developer has stated here that if enough people would like this support they are willing to implement it.
    Upvote at https://appstretch.com/FeatureRequest/21310

    03 NOV 00:12
  • 🌀ՏҽʍԹíԵҽɾղɑℓ🌑Níղյɑ🌀

    The Microsoft Band 2 features a Barometer but it regularly warned me of Storms during sunny days. A interesting App for those without a Band 2 and with the supported hardware.
    Could I suggest linking to the Band 2 for its Sensor?
    Update: See second post as Developer is willing if enough interest exists.

    02 NOV 21:56
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