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Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos updated with no changelog (17.202.10012.0)

In release preview ring(build 14393.726)...!

Comment if you find anything new?

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  • ahmed alhayali
    ahmed alhayali

    Weird 🙃 no update for Fast ring 950XL ,still V16

    11 FEB 11:10
  • Lewk

    -When you select a photo, text at the top of the screen replaces the navigation text (of Collection, Albums, Folders), with 'X item selected'. Then when unselecting or deleing a photo, those navigation text words animate fancily back into place. -The app also feels more performant, a little bit smoother with animations and navigating.

    10 FEB 05:57
  • Edison A Saldano
    Edison A Saldano

    Damn when is this coming to production ring, It's been a while since photo was updated..

    10 FEB 05:44
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