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#1 Password Manager

#1 Password Manager is now available for Windows 10, Windows Phone 10, UWP

#1 Password Manager is a feature-rich, most secure and safe Windows 10 application for managing passwords and other sensitive personal data. It uses the best practices and most advanced security standards to keep your private data protected and safe. With #1 Password Manager you will never lose or forget your passwords. No need to write them down or store in clear text. Since #1 Password Manager stores and encrypts passwords using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)/Rijndael algorithm with the 256 bit key, your passwords and private data are always stored encrypted and never leave your device. This means you don’t need to worry about your private data being unsafe somewhere in the “cloud”. Even if your device is lost or stolen, your data is still safe, as there is no way to get to your passwords without a Master Password which is hashed using Sha512 – the most advanced hashing algorithm.

Find more at http://www.companova.com/passwordmanager/

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